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We welcome to the program those interested in helping families provide healthy nurturing environments for their children. The ACT Program is a good fit for them. However, those interested in conducting the program 8-week sessions for parents and caregivers in their communities need to go through our training and certification processes. They will become an ACT Facilitator.

How Can I Become an ACT Facilitator?

The ACT Facilitator is a professional coming from fields such as psychology, social work, nursing, early childhood education, among others, prepared and certified to facilitate the parenting program groups using the program standardized curriculum, materials, processes, and protocols and has completed all the requirements as determined by the APA Violence Prevention Office. They also involve their organizations and get their support to include the ACT program in their portfolio of activities for families.

The training and certification of ACT Facilitators require that individuals:

  • Have a minimum of an Associate Degree, but a Bachelor degree is preferred.
  • Have organizational support to implement the program in their communities.
  • Have previous experience working with families and young children.
  • Have previous knowledge about the program curriculum.
  • Attend the 2-day training workshop.
  • Conduct one 8-week parenting program group after the initial training.
  • Tape or film one activity in Session 6 and send to the director of the regional center where training was held.
  • Complete the ACT Program Checklist and send it to the regional center director.

Benefits for ACT Facilitators include…

  • The program regional centers offer CEs for workshop participants
  • Access to evidence-based affordable program that is effective in helping culturally and ethnically diverse families
  • Opportunity for professional development
  • Connection with a national and international network of thousands of professionals
  • Access to update top-notch science-based information, resources, tools on parenting, child development, violence prevention, bullying, impact of violence, etc.

Check the nationwide ACT Workshop Schedule and/or ontact the ACT regional center nearest you to sign up to attend the next ACT Facilitator 2-day workshop.