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ACT Media Campaign Materials

Early in the ACT Program, APA created an educational media campaign to raise awareness of parents and caregivers about their important role as teachers and models for children. “Teach carefully… What a child learns about violence, a child learns for life”, was the message.

With funding from the MetLife Foundation and sponsored by the Advertising Council, advertising agencies developed public service announcements (PSAs) for TV and radio and posters for the ACT Media Campaign. They can now be used as instructional materials to help disseminate the program messages on early violence prevention and positive parenting.

Public Service Announcements for TV and Radio

Check the ACT PSAs below and answer the questions:

  • What are the messages for parents and caregivers?
  • What are the lessons?

ACT TV PSA: Teach Carefully: We Can Help You How

ACT Radio Spots

Radio Spot One: Road Rage (WMA Media file, size: 945 KB)

Radio Spot Two: Bad Call (WMA Media file, size: 943 KB)

Radio Spot Three: You're Late (WMA Media file, size: 945 KB)

Radio Spot Four: Little Boy Blue (WMA Media file, size: 1006 KB)

Printed Public Service Advertisements (Posters)

Printed PSAs were created to help spread the program messages on early violence and abuse prevention to adults. Click on each one to print.

Marketing Posters

ACT poster english ACT Poster (English)
Use this poster to promote the program in your community. Add contact information and schedule of your activities related to the ACT Program. Click on the photo to download the poster. (PDF, 2.55MB)


ACT poster spanishACT Cartel (Español)
Utilize este cartel para promover el program en su comunidad. Incluya información para contacto y sobre actividades relacionadas con el programa. Clicar en la foto para bajar el cartel. (PDF, 2.63MB)